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Learning stained glass doesn't have to be difficult

Small planned steps. Gorgeous results.


Learning stained glass can be tricky.

You’ve got to that point when you finally have a bit of precious time for yourself. You’ve always wanted to make stained glass but now you’re a bit scared to give it a try.

Everything about it worries you; buying the tools, cutting the glass, soldering. You’re frightened that you won’t be able to do it.

Put simply, it all seems too much.

Another cut going wrong

Another cut goes wrong

It doesn’t have to be like this


  • How would it feel if you could cut glass all by yourself and be confident with each process?
  • What if you felt proud of your results and started lining up unique gifts to make for your family?
  • Imagine how rewarding it would be to find your passion and lose yourself in making.

The way to get to this place is to realise that all your fears can be overcome.

There is simple way to learn stained glass, “The Milly Way”.

A proven system that guides you through each process at your own pace and as many times as you need, with opportunities to try different methods and choose the path that works for you.

This is exactly what you get when you enrol on A Star Is Born.

Learning stained glass doesn’t have to be hard.

stained glass angels by Mitzi Mallon

Lots of angels! By a student of the ‘Milly Way’, Mitzi Mallon

Beginners who learn “The Milly Way” are creatively fulfilled, proud of their work and feel confident in their ability to try new things

Mitzi Mallon

“I had perfect fits first time”

I have been working on a gift for a male friend neighbor. I have done it only the “Milly Way” and am amazed at how quickly and exacting it came together. I had perfect fits first time and completed the whole thing really fast. From the design to the patina stage it was effortless.

Mitzi Mallon, Active Fundraiser. Retired special education teacher.

Why did I develop A Star Is Born?

What I love most about teaching is when a student starts to feel confident trying new things. That’s when I know they can fly.

I’ve worked with hundreds of beginners and watched them striving to master cutting and soldering but most of all they’ve struggled with self-doubt. I’ve been there myself.

When I started out I was desperate to make stained glass but was always criticising my efforts. I nearly gave up. But then I found a mentor who understood and suddenly everything was possible.

Feeling confident with stained glass has been such an important turning point in my life that I wanted to capture what I’ve learnt and give you the same opportunity.

Yes, I’m a qualified teacher and have a Masters in Glass, and yes, I’ve included all the practical information you need to make stained glass in this course. But my experience tells me that learning this craft isn’t just about hard skills.

It’s also about nurturing confidence so you feel able to try new things. It’s about fostering pride in your work so you can show it off to the world.

I want to encourage your creativity to fly. A Star Is Born is my way of making that happen.

Milly Frances with her stained glass

Milly in her studio with wedding gift for her sister


“Milly brings out our creativity”

Milly is patient and kind and is interested in everything you do. I love how she got us to look at things and came up with ideas that we hadn’t thought of.

Pauline Sandell, Information and advice officer, Age UK south

‘A Star Is Born’ gives you all the pieces of the stained glass puzzle


Each module demonstrates a new technique making sure you have a completed project at the end
  • 12 modules following a clear and direct line from tool selection to hanging your finished piece. You learn all the nitty gritty detail about each stage – including fixing mistakes – before you’re confident to move on to the next.
  • 162 minutes of video training that leave nothing to guess work. With lots of close-up detail the videos show you exactly what to do
    and get rid of nagging self-doubt.
  • 11 Fully Illustrated e-Books that freeze-frame the processes. The eBooks give you time to build up your skills layer by layer until you feel ready to progress to the next level.
  • Slideshows, Fun Quests and Inspiration The work of the inspirational artists featured in the course will help you embrace the challenge of designing projects to be proud of.
  • 2 Bonus eBooks and a Mystery Surprise! All carefully designed to add to your ability to make great stained glass.


Kites for her grandson by A Star Is Born student Doods de le Vingne

Kites for her grandson by A Star Is Born student Doods de le Vingne

A sneak peek at A Star Is Born :-)

What will you learn in each module?

1 Introductions All Round

Saying ‘hello’ and learning how to find your way around the course easily.

2 Keeping Safe

Making sure you keep safe and avoid accidents by learning how to make stained glass as safe as it possibly can be.

stained glass tools

3 Tools & Materials

Feeling confident with the tools by learning about them one by one.

4 Cutting

Overcoming common difficulties experienced with cutting and getting used to the tools and glass.

5 Grozing

Learning all the different ways of using the grozer/breaker pliers to get your glass shapes fitting snugly together.


6 Designing

Selecting colours and textures to show off your Star to best advantage.

stained glass tools

7 Pattern Cutting

Sharing the first secret for accurate glass cutting.



8 Cutting Glass Shapes

Experimenting with several ways of scoring and breaking the glass to see what works best for you.


9 Copper Foiling

Learning time-saving tips for foiling neatly and evenly.



10 Soldering

Mastering two different methods of soldering that are especially good for beginners who have had little or no experience.

stained glass tools

11 Adding A Ring

Understanding the best place for secure hooks and how to solder them on neatly and professionally.




12 Polish & Patina

Avoiding the usual pitfalls and achieving a high polish that makes your sun catcher gleam.



Who isn't this class for?

Who ISN’T this class for?

Who ISN'T this class for?
  • This course is not aimed at accomplished stained glass artists. It is designed for those who are either at the start or are early days into their stained glass journey.
  • A patient, accurate approach is needed for this craft. If you want everything done yesterday and are irritated by the very word ‘precise’ this may not be for you!
  • If you have done some stained glass already and have fixed views about how things should be done this course may not be for you. Part of the joy of stained glass is embracing different ways of doing the same thing and choosing the best one for you.
  • This course does not teach the Lead Came method of construction. You will learn some skills that are common to both techniques but this course concentrates on the Copper Foil method of construction. This is because the Copper Foil or Tiffany method is cleaner, takes up less space and is easier to learn for beginners.
  • Finally, this is an online course. If you feel you are the sort of person who needs direct face to face tuition then I would urge you to look for a local course initially. You will be most welcome to come back here later when you want to refresh or develop your skills.
Who IS this class for?
  • The class is suitable for both complete beginners and also refreshers or those quite new to stained glass. It is suitable for those who have never cut a piece of glass before but is also helpful if you have done a class or want to improve your techniques and knowledge.
  • The course is self-directed so you need to be the sort of person who is motivated enough to check in and follow along. All the answers to your questions will be in the course but you will need to log in, watch it, read it and answer fun quizzes!
  • Stained glass is a very special craft. You need to have the spirit to try something new, a patient outlook and be willing to practise accuracy. The best stained glass is made by those who practise and improve their accuracy.
Who is A Star Is Born suited to?

Who IS this course for?


Those who make stained glass the “Milly Way” are delighted with their results and excited about moving up to the next level

The Price of Investing in Your Creativity

Bronze Star

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  • 11 ‘Hands On’ Workbooks to download & keep
  • Downloadable Pattern
  • Bonus One – Tools & Materials eBook
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Silver Star

  • offer 02
  • 11 Close-up Videos to watch online as many times as you want for 12 months
  • 11 ‘Hands On’ Workbooks to download & keep
  • 7 ‘Fun Quest’ Workbooks to download & keep
  • Downloadable Pattern
  • Bonus One – Tools & Materials eBook
  • Bonus Two – Pattern eBook
  • Mystery Surprise !
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By Doods de le Vingne

By course student Doods de le Vingne

A Star WAS Born !!!

By online student Sara Towler

By online student Sara Towler

Colourful Flower

By course student Nicki Rivera

By course student Nicki Rivera


Daisies by A Star is Born student Mitzi Mallon

Daisies by A Star is Born student Mitzi Mallon

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't do it, it's too hard! I'll never be good enough!

The simple answer is yes, you can!

I’ve put all my teaching experience into making sure that the level of the course is suitable for absolute beginners and those who struggle a bit at the most difficult stages.

Everything has been carefully designed to make sure you finish this course with all the techniques, information and tips you’ll need to confidently create stained glass.

I'm worried I don't have enough space

Not everyone has access to a dedicated studio space but provided you follow some sensible guidelines you can have a stained glass corner safely in your home somewhere. Many of my students have found somewhere to work, including utility rooms, covered porches, garages and sheds.

The Copper Foil – also known as Tiffany – method that I teach in this course is very neat and tidy. All you need is about 2ft X 3ft and some form of ventilation for soldering. Some of the steps can even be done when you’re watching television!

So space CAN be found. With a bit of creativity even the most unpromising nooks and crannies can be put to use.

Don’t you need lots of special tools that are hard to track down?
Feel confident about all the tools with this comprehensive eBook. Worth $15

Feel confident about the tools with this comprehensive eBook

You may or may not already have the essential tools for stained glass. Either way, there is an explanatory slideshow of the most important tools in the Tools & Materials Module.

I am also including a special Bonus ‘discovering Tools & Materials’ eBook for all purchasers. You can use it as a guide for buying or a checklist.

It includes a ‘Milly’s Buying Guide‘ with specific brands to help you make good choices and a list of online suppliers worldwide.

Isn't glass really dangerous?

Its normal and healthy to be anxious about starting to work with glass. After all it is a sharp material and it can cut you. The course contains thorough Health and Safety guidelines and if you follow this advice the chances of serious injury are very low. Splinters and small cuts do occasionally happen but basic precautions make them much less likely.

Overcoming the psychological fear of breaking glass is one of the biggest hurdles. We were all taught about the dangers of glass as children; how we shouldn’t play with it and NEVER to touch broken glass. And what am I going to teach? How to ‘play’ with and touch broken glass!

What is surprising is how quickly people become confident handling this beautiful material. I’ve seen it time and time again.Treating glass with the respect and care it deserves goes a long way towards making a safe environment.

How will I know if I’m doing it wrong? You can’t see my mistakes.
Thorough trouble-shooting sections to help rescue mistakes

Thorough trouble-shooting sections to help rescue mistakes

Ah, but I can! I’ve seen lots of students get into difficulties with stained glass and have used all my experience to anticipate any problems you may have.

I had great fun in each Module compiling a detailed section called ‘It’s All Gone Wrong!’ that focusses on common problems and how to fix them.

I take you through each mistake by first showing you what it looks like and then showing you how to rectify each problem.

Does it matter that I’m not very good with a computer?

Absolutely not. If you can log in and enter a password you’ll be fine.

The course platform is so easy to use you won’t even notice it!

We have a dedicated support contact at hand if you do have any problems finding your way around.

I don’t have time to take another course.

In total I have estimated that between 10-20 hours of course time will be enough for a complete beginner to learn all the different skills to complete the star.

Those who have done a bit of stained glass will take between 5-10 hours to brush up on their skills and become a confident stained glass maker.

Does this course come with tools and glass?

No, you will need to buy these separately.

If you don’t have a local stained glass store the Bonus Tools and Materials eBook provides you with a list of recommended online stores worldwide.

Most suppliers have a comprehensive breakage guarantee.

Will I learn anything new if I’ve already done a course?

Yes, definitely.

This course will fill in the gaps that were missed in a busy class environment.

Lots of people have written to tell me that the course helped them in the areas they were stuck with. It goes over the essential techniques but adds much more detail about each process than would be appropriate if faced with a class that are impatient to ‘get on with it’!

This course will help you bridge the gap between being a beginner with uncertain knowledge to being a confident stained glass maker.

What is your refund policy?
Gorgeous Result Guarantee

Gorgeous Result Guarantee

My “Gorgeous Result Guarantee”

What I want for you is for you to feel proud of your work and have the skills to progress to the next creative level with confidence.

Feedback has proved to me that this course works, but if for any reason it doesn’t work for you I am happy to give you a 100% refund. You are welcome to keep the Bonuses, whatever your decision.

“Your videos are better than any I’ve found on the web”

After going on a course at the local school and plodding away for the last year I am delighted to tell you your course is the best thing I personally have found.It is clear and points out to me where I have been going WRONG.

Anne Goodwin, Retired technical assistant, Dunfermline, Scotland


People who are taught the “Milly Way” enjoy their creativity and feel relaxed about making mistakes – because they know how to fix them!

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We offer either PayPal or direct Credit Card payment options.

What I want for you is for you to feel proud of your work and have the skills to progress to the next creative level with confidence.

Feedback – with images! – has proved that this course works, but if for any reason it doesn’t work for you I am happy to give you a 100% refund. You are welcome to keep the Bonuses, whatever your decision.

Gorgeous Result Guarantee

Gorgeous Result Guarantee